10/29/23 - Deplorable of the Day

David Bryan Tupper of Houston, TX

10/29/20232 min read

David Bryan Tupper
David Bryan Tupper

In Stafford, Texas, a disturbing road rage confrontation involving a licensed Texas security officer spiraled into a disturbing display of racial hostility toward a Black woman, leading to an ongoing investigation. The officer, identified as David Bryan Tupper, was captured on video hurling racial slurs at the woman, alongside allegations of physical assault and damage to her car, including spitting on her.

The incident unfolded when Denishia Lewis encountered Tupper at a traffic light in Stafford. Lewis indicated she lightly honked her horn as a courteous gesture when Tupper didn't move after the light turned green. Following this, she maneuvered around him as the lane cleared. Lewis alleged that Tupper aggressively sped up on his motorcycle, striking her car's mirror, causing visible damage.

Lewis approached Tupper at a gas station to address the incident and request insurance information. It was at this point she was shocked by Tupper's racially derogatory language, prompting her to start recording the encounter. Tupper was heard using racial slurs, and despite Lewis's attempts to seek resolution, the situation escalated with Tupper verbally assaulting her, including using extremely derogatory language.

In the recording, Tupper, identified as a licensed Texas armed security guard and former law enforcement officer, was seen openly carrying a firearm. Lewis expressed feeling fearful and emotionally drained from the incident, stating that she was deeply troubled by the trauma, making it difficult for her to resume work in the following days.

Lewis, accompanied by her 13-year-old son, revealed the emotional toll the incident took on her, expressing how Tupper’s words and actions made her feel as if she was transported back to a time resembling the days of slavery. She recounted Tupper's continued harassment and spitting on her as she left the scene and reported the incident to the police.

The Stafford Police Department has confirmed an ongoing investigation into the matter. Lewis fervently hopes for justice and that Tupper faces consequences, advocating for his disqualification from any future law enforcement or security-related positions.

Furthermore, two security companies have publicly denounced Tupper's behavior, stating that he is a "former" employee and condemning his actions as deeply troubling and reprehensible.

The situation remains under investigation, highlighting the need for accountability and consequences for such behavior in the community.

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